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Registered office address in Eindhoven

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If you’re planning on expanding your business overseas or you simply want to start a business in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is the perfect place for you. The first step when starting a business in Eindhoven is to get a local office address. This is a crucial step for startups, since they may not need a physical office during the initial stages of their business.

An office address is a prerequisite for starting a company in Eindhoven, as it allows you to receive official government documents and letters. Having a full-time reception desk is another legal requirement for a registered office. This is so that your business can receive local and international calls. Most registered offices also offer meeting rooms and workspaces where you can do work and meet clients

Do you need all of this from day 1 or starting your business? Not at all! The registered office options that offers is perfect for starting a business in the Netherlands, based in Eindhoven. The benefit of this is that it gives you some breathing room that will allow you to draw up a plan of how to set up a registered office in the Netherlands and start doing business. 

To use a registered office in Eindhoven, all you need to do is ensure that it complies with the conditions and regulations required by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, as well as the local tax authorities. Once you have approval, you’re free to use the registered office for as long as you like. As a responsible business, you want peace of mind that everything complies with all Dutch legal requirements. This is why we only work with Eindhoven’s most reputable business centers.

IMPORTANT: If you want to qualify as a Dutch tax resident, then using a registered office may not guarantee you this status. can help you to navigate all the legal requirements to establish tax residence for you and your business.

When you start a business in the Netherlands, there is potential for your business to experience a lot of growth, and soon your current office space might become too small. When this happens, give us a call and we can help you to find the perfect dedicated office space in one of Eindhoven’s most prestigious business centers. Or if you prefer to get your own standalone office space, then has the expertise to find you a prime location that fits the needs of your business.

How to get a registered office address in Eindhoven

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Getting a registered office address through is very easy. All you need to do is to complete our simple order form and submit it together with a copy of your passport and proof of residential address. If you don’t have a Dutch company yet, that’s ok since you can send us your registration documents once you have gone through the process of registering your company, such as a Dutch BV.

Most popular business areas for entrepreneurs in Eindhoven

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As the birthplace of the consumer electronics giant, Philips, Eindhoven has established itself as one of the most prominent centers of innovation and technology in the Netherlands and Europe. The city, with its excellent public transport and vibrant culture with many places to kick back and enjoy life, is forward-thinking and open to new trends, and ideas. It is the perfect place for startups and businesses of all kinds.

Eindhoven offers entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes a great number of options when it comes to opening a virtual office in Eindhoven. From shared workspaces to lavish offices in impressive skyscrapers, there is something for everyone who wants to start a business in the Netherlands.


Eindhoven Center

At the heart of Eindhoven is Eindhoven Center. It is not only the cultural center of the city but also a bustling shopping and business hub with companies big and small of all types, from innovative tech startups to multinational giants like KPMG and ING. Eindhoven Center offers workspaces of all kinds and sizes, many with 24/7 access, ample parking, and close to hotels and other amenities.

De Hurk

To the west of Eindhoven Center is the popular business district of De Hurk with more than 300 companies call this quiet part of the city home. One of the area’s main attractions for businesses is its proximity and easy access to the A2 and N2 motorways.


The site of an industrial park of electronics company Philips, Strijp-S has been transformed into one of Eindhoven’s most prominent arts, design, and technology areas. Its trendy office spaces located in old factories have become very popular among a variety of creative, IT, and tech companies, and companies of all kinds looking for inspiration.

Eindhoven airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands after Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. The surrounding district has attracted many international companies, especially those looking for easy access to international travel and transport facilities, including DHL and Philips Lighting. The district is also popular with IT companies, law firms, and those in the wholesale and manufacturing industries. Many office buildings have their own cafés and coffee shops.

The most common industries in Eindhoven

With a quarter of jobs in the region and a third of all research money spent on technology in the Netherlands, Eindhoven is a tech or IT company’s dream location to start a business in the Netherlands. Innovative companies like NXP Semiconductors and electron optics manufacturer, FEI are all headquartered in Eindhoven or have major regional offices in the area. The last couple of years have also seen an influx of design, architecture, and web development companies.

Other prominent sectors present in Eindhoven include:

  • Medical and life sciences

  • Research & Development

  • Logistics

  • Biomedical

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