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Open your office in Rotterdam

Registered office address in Rotterdam

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Starting a business overseas is exciting. Since it is a requirement to start a business in the Netherlands, one of the most important things you need to do is to register a local office. This is especially important for startups that are yet to open a proper office in Rotterdam.

From as little as €75 per month! House of Companies offers a registered office service in Rotterdam that includes virtual office solutions.

If you want to start a business in Rotterdam, you must have a registered office address, this is so that you can get legal, and government letters and documents.

If you would like to take any local and international calls to your company, and have meeting- and work-spaces where you can meet clients and run your business in the Netherlands, you will need to have a full-time reception desk. This is not just a nice-to-have, but also a requirement for a registered office.

However, you don’t require all of these from the very first day you open your doors for business. This is why the registered office solutions that House of Companies offers is the perfect solution when setting up a business in Rotterdam. This gives you time to properly plan and set up your new registered office in the Netherlands

As long as the location of your office meets certain conditions set out by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and local tax authorities, you can use our registered office service for whichever period you require. We work with only the most reputable locations that comply with these regulations in Rotterdam. This gives you peace of mind that everything is legal and above-board.

NOTE: Having only a registered office in Rotterdam, unfortunately doesn’t guarantee that your business will qualify as being a ‘tax resident’ in the Netherlands. Speak to one of our consultants for more about becoming a ‘tax resident’ in the Netherlands.

House of Companies will give you complete support relating to our virtual and registered office solutions and locations in Rotterdam. A growing business needs more office space, and once you have hit that milestone, we can help you to rent an independent office. If you prefer to build your business slowly, we can help  you to rent office space in a reputable business center.

How do I get a registered office address in Rotterdam? The first step is to complete our easy order form. The good news is that you don’t have to have a fully-fledged Dutch company yet — all we will need is a copy of your passport and proof of residential address via email to get the ball rolling. If you do have a Dutch company, such as a Dutch BV, or when you have already set up your business in the Netherlands, then you can simply send us your company registration documents.

Most popular areas for entrepreneurs in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam offers entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes a great number of options when it comes to opening a virtual office in Rotterdam. From shared workspaces to lavish offices in impressive skyscrapers, there is something for everyone who wants to start a business in the Netherlands.

Some of the main business districts in Rotterdam include the following:


Rotterdam Central District

The Rotterdam Central District (RCD) is the undisputed hub of business in Rotterdam and is home to skyscrapers and architectural masterpieces. When you make your registered business address in RCD you will be in great company, with international giants like Shell and Unilever’s offices located in the area. The district is located around Rotterdam’s central station with Stationsplein it’s center point. The district offers space for everyone from small startups to large, multinational corporations.

It is a lively area that offers a great mix of great transport facilities, restaurants, entertainment areas, and of course, great office space that attracts a diverse set of people from all over Europe, and the world. It is the perfect place to open a registered office and start a business in the Netherlands. The Rotterdam Central District Association is continuously developing the area and has great plans to expand the business diversity of the area to a place where everyone from trading companies to creative agencies can thrive.

Kop van Zuid

Just south of the RCD, on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas river and next to the famous Erasmusbrug bridge lies Kop van Zuid. This vibey, up-and-coming, mixed-use district is built on old, abandoned port areas and is fast becoming the place for businesses to have their registered business address. The district is a diverse mix of business, culture, and relaxation with institutions like the Nederlands Fotomuseum, and the Nieuwe Luxor theater calling the district their home and many waterfront cafes, bistros, and eateries lining the streets. The vibey atmosphere is perfect for startups who wish to set up a registered office in Rotterdam.

Port of Rotterdam

Further afield is the famous Port of Rotterdam that is not only one of the most important ports in Europe, but also a fast-developing business area that offers businesses all the amenities they could wish for. Current spaces include Port City in the Waalhaven basin that offers office space near the port terminals, the Maasvlakte Plaza, the Rotterdam Makers District, and the RDM Rotterdam, with many more in development. The district is perfect for transport and storage companies, but also SMEs to set up shop and take advantage of Rotterdam’s favorable business environment.

The most common industries in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is famous for its large and busy port, but the city is constantly looking for new ways to attract new businesses and to help them grow. Over the past couple of years, the city has grown in popularity with businesses in industries such as architecture, clothing design, and web development. These industries have injected some much-needed energy and a fresh atmosphere into the traditionally shipping-orientated city.

Other prominent sectors present in Rotterdam include:

  • Medical and life sciences

  • Maritime services

  • Logistics

  • Agriculture and food production

  • Cleantech

  • Creative industries

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