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You started your online business from home, and it’s going great, but your business is growing and you’re often distracted at home, so you’ve been looking to rent office space. The only thing is that you only have a small budget and can’t afford to spend money on big offices. What do you do? 


The answer is a coworking space or shared workspace. Using a coworking space / shared office workspace for your business allows you to have all the benefits of a dedicated office but with so much more. Coworking spaces have been gaining popularity around the world because they are affordable and flexible and they allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their companies in a professional environment.

What is a coworking space?


Simply put, a coworking space is an shared office space in a business center that you share with other professionals. The coworking space facility usually offers ‘regular’ office services like internet, copying and printing, call answering, as well as dedicated meeting rooms where you can meet clients and employees. Some coworking spaces / shared workspace also offer call-forwarding and mail receiving services. A coworking space will usually offer types of spaces, from shared hot-desks to dedicated offices within the same facility. It’s this flexibility that makes it so popular with entrepreneurs in particular.

Who uses coworking spaces?


It’s not just entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small businesses that use coworking spaces, companies of all sizes use coworking spaces / shared office space. Many established companies who are looking to break into a new market use coworking spaces to get their team up and running and test the market before fully committing to a larger, more permanent office space. 

Benefits of using a coworking space for your business


There are many benefits to using a coworking space for your business over dedicated offices. Coworking spaces are flexible and affordable and can grow with your business. Don’t know how fast your business will grow? No problem. In a coworking space / shared office space, you only have to rent space for your current staff complement. The more your business grows, the more space you rent, for as long as you need to. Gone are the days of empty offices and unused spaces in expensive offices. If you’re an entrepreneur, using a coworking space for your business gives you access to meeting rooms where you can meet clients in a professional environment — no more noisy coffee shop business meetings.


Working on your own can be lonely, and coworking office spaces are filled with like-minded professionals from a wide variety of industries, making it the perfect place to network, get advice, and share ideas. When using a coworking spaces for your business as opposed to working from home, you create structure to your day — you go to the office, work, then come home. This allows you to focus on the important things when you need to, whether it’s work time of family time. For employees, coworking spaces are often located within larger centers that have access to things like restaurants and gyms and other amenities that make a workday easier and enjoyable. This leads to greater productivity for you and your team.

How do I get a coworking space for my business?


The flexibility and affordability of coworking spaces are major drawcards for entrepreneurs like you. House of Companies works with some of the most respected business centers that offer a wide range of options, from a hot desk for an hour, or half a floor for a year. Simply call one of our consultants about your unique business needs and budget to get started. We will find you the perfect working space solution that will give your business space to grow while saving you money! Call House of Companies now!

Go virtual!


If you’re not quite ready to get a dedicated shared workspace, but you want to get a local business address where you can receive mail and deliveries, and a local phone number for customers to call you on, House of Companies can set you up with a virtual office in under 24 hours. A virtual office is the perfect solution for new companies with limited cash-flow and established companies that want to start building a presence and reputation in the local marketplace.


Whether you want to start using a coworking space for your business, set up a virtual office, or both, call us now and let us help you find the perfect solution for your business!

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