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Updated: May 20, 2020

VNO-NCW, the largest Dutch employers' federation, asked 5 Questions to Dutch Formation Expert Dennis Vermeulen, regarding British companies moving to the Netherlands due to Brexit. Read his answers below!

One hundred companies! Are they all British?

'Around 60 are British companies that want to have an establishment in the EU, the other 40 are foreign companies that initially had the UK in mind, but now see the Netherlands as an alternative base for the European market. They come from India, China, Ireland and the US and all say they want a Dutch location because of Brexit."

Which sectors are they in?

'They are production and trade companies. There are importers in Great Britain among those moving to the EU. It was quite cheap to ship goods from London to Rotterdam and beyond. But there are also a few cheese producers who want to keep stocks within the EU after Brexit. Furthermore, a few pharmaceutical companies, Asian animal feed companies and recruitment companies."

Do you see a trend?

"Since 2016 we regularly have a small event in London to point British companies to the Netherlands. In any case, we see that our focus is increasingly shifting to SMEs. Large organizations such as the EMA and large companies have the capacity to relocate fairly easily. This is different for SMEs, which is very practical. We must help them with matters such as how to get a VAT number. The British SMEs first looked the cat out of the tree and are now starting their plan B. "

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