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Open an IT&C Company in the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Are you ready to start an IT&C company in the Netherlands and take advantage of the many opportunities this exciting field holds?

The Netherlands plays an important role in the global IT&C market. The country has one of the most advanced communication networks in Europe, with cutting-edge infrastructure and a hub for innovation. This has made the Netherlands increasingly popular with small tech startups and global corporations alike, with many choosing to base their world-wide operations in the country. It is no wonder that the Netherlands has been dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Europe.

  • IT infrastructure

  • Fintech

  • Software development

  • Game development

  • Software and computer equipment retail sales

  • Web design

  • e-commerce

  • Research and development

  • Computer parts manufacture

We are experts in Dutch company formation in the IT&C sector, and we can offer you great advice about taking advantage of the many opportunities in the Dutch IT&C sector. Call us now!

How do I set up an IT&C company in the Netherlands

  • The first thing you have to do when starting a Dutch business is to register a Dutch company with the Dutch Trade Register, which must include the mandatory NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) number. For IT&C businesses, the numbers are as follows (depending on the type of operation): Section J; Division 61 - 63; Group 61.1 - 61.9, 62.0, 63.1, 63.9; Class 61.10 - 61.90, 62.01 - 62.09, 63.11, 63.12, 63.99.

  • Many companies start a Dutch business in the form of a limited liability company, or Dutch BV.

  • Depending on the type of IT&C services you would like to offer, you may need to apply for certain licenses after you have registered your business. Some of these include the following:

    • Broadcasting license.

    • Public telecommunications services license.

    • Internet communication service license.

Call one of our expert consultants now to discuss how we can help you to get the right licenses and open your IT&C company in the Netherlands ASAP!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I require a license to operate an IT&C business in the Netherlands?

Maybe. Some types of IT&C businesses may require licenses. Speak to one of our expert consultants for more information.

Why is The Netherlands such a good place to start an IT&C business?

  • Highly developed IT&C sector.

  • The Dutch government actively encourages the growth of the tech industry in the country and has numerous initiatives and incentives in place to make it attractive for skilled workers and investors to start a Dutch business in the IT sector.

  • Very strong intellectual property protection laws.

  • The Netherlands has highly educated, skilled, and experienced IT professionals.

  • Ideal geographical location to service Europe and the world.

  • Attractive tax rates that draw a lot of investors to the Dutch IT sector.

  • The Netherlands has a very stable and resilient business environment.

How long does it take to start an IT&C company in the Netherlands?

Starting a Dutch company usually takes between 2-5 days, but some types of IT&C companies may require licenses and/or permits. This may cause the process to take a bit longer.

Can I start an IT&C business in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch or EU citizen?

Yes. The Dutch government allows foreigners to start a Dutch company or bring their existing business from abroad. However, certain legal conditions apply.

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