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Registered office in the Netherlands

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

You’ve been running a successful business in your local market for a while and now you want to expand your business to Europe to take advantage of the growing European economy. But is the European market right for you? And where do you start?

If you’re looking to get into the European market then the Netherlands is the perfect place to start a business. The Dutch economy is one of the most resilient economies on the continent and the country’s central placement within Europe makes it ideal for distributing products through its world-class transportation network. The Netherlands also has one of the most advanced tech infrastructures in the world, making it popular with tech companies from small startups to multinational tech giants and leading to places like Amsterdam being called the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’. But it’s not just tech and transport, industries of all kinds are drawn to the Netherlands due to the friendly and accommodating business environment where companies can flourish. One of the best ways to get into the Dutch market is to get a registered office in the Netherlands.

A registered office is a local office address with a local phone number that people can call and where you can receive local mail and parcels, such as official and legal documents required for the company registration process. It is also a place where you can meet clients and do some work, but without having to pay the often-high office space rental costs and other related costs such as furniture and equipment. If you want to start a business in the Netherlands it is required that you have a registered office in the Netherlands before you can register your company, such as a Dutch BV. Your registered office must also have a full-time reception desk that can receive and answer calls from your local phone number, and with space to receive clients and do work when you need to.

Why should I get a registered office in the Netherlands?

When you have a registered office in the Netherlands, you get the opportunity to build a presence in the market by starting small and testing products to see if the European market is the right one for your product. The Netherlands is the perfect place to do this as the influx of businesses from all over the world has created a population that represents a diverse cross-section of the whole of Europe.

Many entrepreneurs and companies use registered offices in the Netherlands to start doing business in the country. Why is it so popular? Well, because it is easy to set up, affordable to operate, and it’s extremely flexible to accommodate business growth.

Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies
Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies

I want one, but how do I get one?!

Setting up a registered office in the Netherlands is cheap, quick, and easy! For a mere €75 per month, House of Companies can set you up with a registered office in the Netherlands. This includes compliance with all the requirements and regulations that goes with operating a registered office. To get started, simply fill out our easy order form and email it to us along with a copy of your passport, proof of address, and if you already have a company, your company registration documents.

If you haven’t registered a company yet, don’t worry, you don’t have to have a registered company from the very first day of opening a registered office in the Netherlands. Once you’ve completed the process of registering a company, such as a Dutch BV, just email us your registration documents. It’s that easy! Call one of our expert consultants now to discuss the options of opening a registered office in the Netherlands.

Need more space?

As your business grows, you’re eventually going to want to look at renting office space for your growing staff. The great news is that House of Companies can help you find the perfect space that will grow with your company. Whether you want a couple of hot desks for a couple of weeks at a time, a shared office space where your team can strategize, or a fully-fledged office space from where you can run your operations, House of Companies will find the office space solution tailored to your unique needs. We work with some of the top business centers in the Netherlands to ensure you get the best service and the best spaces.