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Set up Consulting Company in the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Are you ready to start a consulting company in the Netherlands? The highly favorable business environment in the Netherlands is attracting more and more businesses to its shores, with everyone from small startups to large multinational conglomerates or all kinds choosing to establish head offices or major branch offices in the country. This presents many opportunities to set up a consulting company in the Netherlands to help these businesses thrive in the Dutch and international marketplace. What’s more, the Dutch economy is one of the most resilient economies in Europe creating a very stable business environment that is conducive to business growth.

We are experts in Dutch company formation in the consulting sector, and we can offer you great advice about how to Set up a consulting company in the Netherlands and the many opportunities you can take advantage of. Call us now!

How do I set up a consulting company in the Netherlands

  • The first thing you have to do when starting a Dutch business is to register a Dutch company with the Dutch Trade Register, which must include the mandatory NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) number. For consulting companies, the numbers are as follows (depending on the type of operation): Section M; Division 70; Group 70.1; Class 70.10.

  • A popular company among consulting companies is a Dutch BV.

  • All employees you hire must be in possession of relevant certificates and licenses for the industry in which they operate.

Call us now to discuss how we can help you to ensure your employees have the right licenses and certificates so you can open your consulting business as soon as possible!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I require a license to operate a consulting business in the Netherlands?


Why is The Netherlands such a good place to start a consulting business?

  • The Netherlands is popular among businesses, especially startups due to its favorable business environment.

  • Large variety of businesses present many opportunities for consulting services.

  • A moderately competitive market that allows small to medium businesses to thrive.

  • Well educated and experienced population with a strong work ethic.

  • Attractive tax rates that draw a lot of investors to the Dutch consulting markets

  • The Netherlands has a very stable and resilient business environment

How long does it take to start a consulting company in the Netherlands?

Starting a Dutch company usually takes between 2-5 days, but since you require a license to run a consulting company in the Netherlands, it may take a bit longer. Call us to find out more.

Can I start a consulting business in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch or EU citizen?

Yes. The Dutch government allows foreigners to start a Dutch company or bring their existing business from abroad. However, certain legal conditions apply such as having a valid passport, a health test, as well as Dutch health insurance, among others.

Are you excited to set up a consulting company in the Netherlands? But maybe you’re not whether the market is the right one? Perhaps you are considering other EU countries like Belgium or Switzerland?

If this is the case, feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our Dutch business development agents to discuss why the consulting sector in the Netherlands is the perfect place to start a Dutch company.

We can help you determine your business proposition, as well as the services you aim to provide and give input and expert guidance on how to present this to the Dutch market.