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Open your office in Amsterdam

Registered office address in Amsterdam

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When you start a business overseas, you have to consider the use of a registered office address. Especially during the startup phase of your company, while your company might not need a fully fledged office in Amsterdam yet. 

A Registered Office Service in Amsterdam offers (virtual) office solutions at low fees, starting at 75 EUR per month!

In order to start a business in Amsterdam, you require a local registered office address, which allows you to receive incoming government letters. Aside from that, the office address should have a full time reception desk, which allows you to meet any guests, or to do your work, whenever needed. 

Ofcourse, you don’t have to start a fully fledged office, including receptionist, from day ! Instead, the registered office service in Amsterdam is a perfect solution, until your business is up and running.

You can use a registered office service for as long as you like, as long as the office location in Amsterdam meets the requirements. House of Companies only works with reputable locations in Amsterdam, that comply with the regulations of the Chamber of Commerce, and the tax authorities.

Using a registered office in Amsterdam, does not guarantee that your business in Amsterdam will be considered ‘tax resident’ in The Netherlands. 

House of Companies provides you with full support from our location in Amsterdam, related to your virtual office, and registered office facilities. Once your business is ready to grow, we can even assist you to rent a dedicated office space within a business center, or even an independent office.

The first step to obtain a registered office address is to complete our order form. It’s not required yet to have a Dutch company in place, you can also start your Dutch business at a later stage. In order to rent a registered office address in Amsterdam, you will need to send us your passport copy and proof of residential address via email. Once your Dutch company is set up, you can also send us an extract of your company registration. 

Most popular areas for entrepreneurs in Amsterdam

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City Center in Amsterdam

Locating your business in Amsterdam’s bustling city centre has an array of advantages: not only can your employees work amidst lively urban surroundings, charming canals and historic architecture, but your business is also plugged in to the city’s business ecosystem and well-connected to the rest of the Netherlands and beyond thanks to Amsterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup or a global corporation, Amsterdam’s city centre has the ideal business location for you. The majority of businesses in the centre are in the administration, creative and legal sectors, but there are also many companies from other sectors, making working in the centre a lively mix. The city centre currently provides office space for a range of businesses, from the smallest design companies to some of the world’s biggest businesses, such as Facebook and Apple. Other important occupants include, Guerrilla Games and Vodafone.

ZuidAs in Amsterdam (Financial District)

Zuidas is an international high-quality knowledge and business center and one of the most important office locations in the Netherlands. In order to be able to continue to meet the future demand for A-quality office real estate, the construction development will also continue in the coming years. This also applies to the construction of homes and facilities.
High-quality companies like to establish themselves in Zuidas because of:

  • the favorable location in relation to the historic center

  • the high-quality facilities level

  • the quality and sustainability of the buildings

  • the accessibility (public transport / car) and location relative to Schiphol

  • the presence of highly trained talent

  • large-scale concentration of business service providers

  • the excellent digital infrastructure

This involves a large number of leading companies and institutions, including Google, AkzoNobel, ABN AMRO, Free University, VU Medical Center and in 2019 the European Medicines Agency. In addition, Zuidas offers space to the retail trade.

Popular business centers in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s prime business locations are plentiful and diverse, catering for businesses across all industries and sizes – startups and international corporations alike. Setting up a business, office or headquarters in Amsterdam is simple and streamlined thanks to straightforward bureaucratic processes and low real-estate tax rates for occupiers. From the rapidly expanding business areas of the Zuidas business district and Almere to startup hotspots in the city centre, Amsterdam is the ideal location for any type of business.

The most common industries in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has an ideal central location that connects your business with more than 500 million potential customers in the European marketplace, so companies operating in the Logistics industry prefer to be based in Amsterdam.

The presence of Europe’s best airport (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol), seaport (Ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam), greenport (FloraHolland) and dataport (AMS-IX) gives Amsterdam a lead in the logistics market of the future.

Other popular industries are:

  • Financial and business services

  • Food

  • Pharma

  • Aerospace

  • Information Technology

  • Creative industry

  • Social entrepreneurship

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