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Registered office address in Den Haag

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It can be both exciting and daunting to start a business in a foreign country, with certain requirements that you have to meet, especially for startups that don’t have the need for office space just yet. According to regulations, you will need a local company registered address with a full-time reception desk so that clients can get in touch and you can receive official government letters. Thankfully you don’t need all of this from the first day you start a business in the Netherlands. takes the hassle out of starting a business in Den Haag with services like setting up a local registered business address, creating a virtual office, or any other workspace solutions in Den Haag. All of this starting at just €75 per month!

Our solutions ensure that you meet the rules and regulations of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch tax authorities, and you can start using the space for as long as you need. At we pride ourselves on working with only the top, most reputable business centers and locations in Den Haag, giving you great peace of mind.

Note that using a company register office in Den Haag does not automatically qualify your business to be considered a ‘tax resident’ of the Netherlands. Call one of our consultants now to find out more.

We will guide you through the whole process of setting up a registered office and give you full support the entire time. It is only a matter of time before your business starts to grow and expand, and we will be there to find you the best workspace that suits the growth needs of your business — from a bigger space in a top business center to your own independent office. Call us now!

How to get a registered office address in Den Haag?

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Are you ready to get a registered office address in Den Haag? Simply complete our easy order form and send it to us with a copy of your passport and proof of residential address and you’re good to go! If you have not registered a Dutch business yet, no problem, simply send us your company registration documents once the process has been completed.

Most popular areas for entrepreneurs in Den Haag

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Located to the northwest of Rotterdam, on the shores of the North Sea, De Haag is the home of prominent courts like the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, the Dutch Royal family, and the Dutch Parliament. But Den Haag is not just a city of politics, diplomacy, international affairs, and seaside relaxation, it is also brimming with business opportunities. This city is the perfect place to start a business in the Netherlands.


Den Haag Centrum

The main concentration of business in Den Haag is in the city center, or Centrum. The biggest and most famous business resident of the city is Royal Dutch Shell, whose international headquarters is located in Den Haag. Other prominent companies in the Centrum area include PostNL, financial services company Aegon, and logistics giant Damco. Den Haag is also home to the regional headquarters of companies like Siemens, Total S.A., Huawei, and T-Mobile.

With high-profile neighbors like these, Den Haag attracts companies of any size, from fledgling startups to large multinational corporations, like those mentioned earlier. Den Haag Centrum offers businesses a vast number of options when it comes to workspaces. Hot desks, shared office spaces, and fully-fledged office spaces are just some of the options in this bustling city where culture, politics, and seaside resorts meet.


Den Haag’s financial district is located in the Beatrixkwartier (Beatrix Quarter), famous for being the location of World Trade Center The Hague, but its rail station, affectionately known by locals as the ‘Netkous' or Fishnet Stocking due to the curious exterior design. The area is characterized by its many high rise buildings and business centers and is home to buildings such as Silver Tower, Green Tower, KPN Building, Haagse Poort, and Prinsehof, with companies like Q8 Oils, Deloitte & Siemens occupying many of the floors. If you want to rub shoulders with some of Den Haag’s most well-heeled business people, then the Beatrixkwartier is for you. 


Located to the east of Den Haag Centrum is, Stationsbuurt (Station neighborhood). The neighborhood is the area surrounding the Den Haag Hollands Spoor station, the oldest train station in Den Haag. The area used to be a run-down, working-class area, but since urban renewal efforts, especially in the early 2000s, it has become a popular location for businesses, especially due to its proximity to public transport. Urban renewal projects gave the area a unique charm by creating a balance between old, historic, and more modern buildings. It is the perfect location for businesses looking for a quieter space outside of the city center.

The most common industries in Den Haag

Den Haag is not has a predominantly service economy with a large number of people working as civil servants and diplomats due to Den Haag being the home of the Dutch Parliament and the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, and the like. Den Haag doesn’t have any large-scale industry, aside from the fishing industry-related activities that operate from the Scheveningen harbor.

As the second-largest tourist destination in the Netherlands, tourism plays a big part in the city’s economy. The city is also popular with companies involved in the oil and financial industries.

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