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                 Platform, the innovative digital coaching platform, has expanded from Turkey to the Netherlands! As part of the expansion, staff will be relocated from Turkey, and new staff is expected to be recruited in The Netherlands.


House of Companies has been a very reliable source for us while we’re entering the European market, with extensive expertise on how to do business in the Netherlands. 

Sparkus Platform, which combines a Digital Self-Reflective Coaching Journey, with Human Interaction to scale coaching services to a larger population. Sparkus helps organizations scale benefits of coaching for engagement, development and upskilling of their workforce. Coaching conversations facilitated between the Manager/Mentor and employees through the Sparkus Platform supports to build a strong coaching culture in the organization.

That is one of their values! SparkUs is a coaching tech company that provides solutions to expand the benefits of coaching to different kind of organizations.

They offer solutions on unique method like by gamified coaching blended with a human touch and action tracking. By using video, audio and other digital tools, they trigger the imagination and use powerful questions for deeper inside.

By digital coaching tools, professional coaches, supervisors, trainers and relevant resources that is how SparkUs provide development needs in the enterprises. To archive and establish a sustainable coaching culture within organizations they combine 40+ years of coaching expertise with data-driven technology. Their coaching solutions are reliable, scalable and flexible designed to serve different businesses and organizations in need.


Our conversations with House of Companies gave us the trust that they know what they were talking about, whatever the subject we reached out to them. We also started receiving their support even before we signed a contract with them. That also built upon our trust. 

We have our offices in B. Amsterdam and they referred us to House of Companies. Considering that B. Amsterdam is the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe, we thought that was a referral we should consider.

The pace, that is what we like the most about our collaboration with House of Companies. If you are in a new territory, even small daily stuff can be a cause of anxiety. Asking questions and receiving answers within the same day takes away that anxiety and makes you feel you’re in good hands.


SparkUs is expanding in Europe and beyond by reaching global headquarters of enterprises. We have been doing global pilot projects for that purposes with clients, and thanks to the significant positive results we get from them, those pilots are becoming regular corporate programs.

We are now restructuring our marketing and sales processes to fit our new reality, as well as building our global coach pool with a backbone of high-quality global coaches who have a variety of experience in terms of their coaching areas and languages.

​“SparkUs helps organizations to unlock their human potential and get future-ready!”



Özlem Sarıoğlu, Co-Founder of Sparkus:

The Covid-19 environment demonstrated even to the most resistant people the power, opportunity and necessity of the digital world. We started a free coaching program to support “leaders at home” to rebalance themselves, their work and their team members and ran in 5 languages. We are now collecting outputs and are happy to hear comments like “This experience was beyond just some technology”. So you can expect us to bring more coaching to more people, in a scalable, measurable manner, without compromising the high touch support of coaching. As one client rightly said, we are “where high tech meets high touch”. 

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