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You’ve worked hard to grow your business in your local market, and it is doing really well. Now you want to take your success overseas to grow your business even more! But how do you do that?


To set up a business in a country like the Netherlands, you will have to first get a company registered address. House of Companies can help you with that!

Set up shop overseas


Technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to start businesses anywhere in the world and for existing companies to grow beyond just their local market. But foreign markets present foreign challenges and your product or service may not be right for every market. Thankfully technology has also made it easier than ever to do market research before you go into a market to see the potential of your product or service in a particular country.


However, sometimes the best way to test a market is to actually set up shop in the territory and test the product or service directly. One option is to open a fully-fledged office in the country or territory, but this can be a very costly exercise because you will need to find office space, fit it out with furniture and equipment, and hire staff to run the office. What if you find out that the market isn’t the right one for your product? When this happened, you not only wasted a lot of money but  also time that you could’ve spent on developing other areas of your business. This can be a huge barrier to entry into foreign markets for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Easy solution!


Thankfully there are many solutions. One of the best ways to start a business in a country like the Netherlands is to get a registered business address. Having a business registration address allows you to start building your business in that country without having to invest in a full-scale office space that can potentially cost you a lot of money. This makes it perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs like yourself to expand your business to an overseas country and start attracting local customers. A local business address builds trust with customers as they see that you are a local company that has to abide by the same laws that protect them.

What is a business registration address?


A business registration address is exactly what it says. It’s a local address where customers can contact you and where you can receive official government and legal letters that are required for setting up a business in a country like the Netherlands. If you want to start a business in the Netherlands or expand your operations to the country, and you want to get a company registered address, there are certain conditions set out by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and local tax authorities that you will have to comply with. House of Companies will ensure that all conditions, rules, and regulations are met when setting up a registered business address.

How do I get a company registered Business address and how much does it cost?


Many businesses, big and small, use company register office address to start a business in the Netherlands for instance or to expand their operations to the country. The reason for the popularity is because a company registered address service is affordable and flexible and getting one is simple and easy. House of Companies can set you up with a business registration address for as little as €75 per month! 


All you have to do to get a company register office address is to fill out our simple and easy order form and submit it via email along with passport proof of residential address, and company registration documents. If you haven’t registered your company yet, no problem! Simply send us your company registration documents once the process has been completed. It’s really that easy! Call us today!

More than an address


Once you have established yourself in the market and your business is growing, you may be thinking of getting office space from where you can manage your local operations. House of Companies has access to a wide range of workspace solutions at some of the best business centers in the Netherlands, and we can find the best office space solution for your growing business needs — from hot desks for a couple of hours, shared spaces for small teams, to fully-fledged dedicated office spaces. 


Call one of our expert agents today to find out how we can help you!

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