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Using a virtual office in Amsterdam

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Amsterdam is a world-renowned hub of technology and creativity and a magnet for startups, as well as established multinational corporations. If you want one of the most trendy business addresses in the world for your startup, you should start using a virtual office in Amsterdam! But where do you start?

The resilient Dutch economy is booming and consumer spending on the increase. Add to this the incredible creative and tech industries that are built around one of the world’s most advanced information technology infrastructures, then it’s easy to see why so many startups from all sectors flock to the Dutch capital to start a business in the Netherlands.

However, setting up an office can take lots of time and money, something that few startups have lots of. You will have to go through the whole process of registering a company, setting up a local bank account, registering for VAT and other local taxes, applying for relevant licenses, not to mention finding an office that you can afford in a location that’s best suited to your business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so hard to start a business in Amsterdam. By using a virtual office in Amsterdam, you can take the time, hassle, and importantly, the high cost out of starting a business in the Netherlands.

A virtual office?

Yes, a virtual office. It’s just like a regular office, but without the expenses like rent and utilities, furniture, equipment, and cleaning. A virtual office is a local business address and phone number in Amsterdam that you can use to receive mail and parcels of all sorts and receive calls from local or international customers. These can be used on business cards and email signatures for your startup and will add legitimacy to your business. A virtual office is very affordable, quick to set up, and perfect for startups that are still finding their feet or established businesses testing the waters of foreign markets to ‘try before they buy’.

Setup Virtual offices from as little as €25 per month and can be set up within 24 hours!

What are the benefits of using a virtual office in Amsterdam?

Virtual offices are extremely popular and looking at all the benefits they provide, it’s easy to see why. Using a virtual office in Amsterdam is an affordable way to establish a business presence in the Netherlands and allows you to build your brand in the vibrant city of Amsterdam without the often heavy capital investment that opening a traditional brick-and-mortar office may require. Not only will you save money on things like office space rental, utilities, security staff, staff parking, stationery, and equipment maintenance, you and your staff will also save time and money by not having to commute every day.

In fact, because people don’t need to travel to and from the office every day, they will have more time to enjoy life — get exercise, spend time with their family, and take care of chores that often have to wait for the weekend due to long commuting times during the week. This makes for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce with fewer sick days and days off.

Having a virtual office means you can work from anywhere in the world, and also enables you to employ the best talent from all over the world, without expensive relocation expenses. What’s more, using a virtual office in Amsterdam builds trust with local customers since they know they are dealing with a local business that has to comply with local laws.

Do you want to start using a virtual office in Amsterdam? We can help!

House of Companies has been helping startups and established companies to set up virtual offices in Amsterdam for years. We can set up a virtual office within 24 hours so you can start trading under your new business address in Amsterdam as soon as possible. For as little as €295 per year, you can get your very own virtual office with a local business address and phone number in Amsterdam. We can also offer add-on complementary services like call and mail forwarding, call answering, and warehousing to make your business run even smoother.

To start using a virtual office in Amsterdam, simply call House of Companies and one of our expert agents will gladly talk you through all your options, and help you to find the best virtual office solution.

If you want to look farther afield, House of Companies also offers virtual offices in France, Germany, England, and the USA. Call us to find out more!

No matter what business you’re in, how big your company, or what your business needs are, House of Companies will ensure you get the perfect virtual office solution for your business.

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