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Trade Mission India '19 | 

Building Bridges


13TH - 18TH


New Delhi, India

The Netherlands-India Technology Summit took place in New Delhi, India on October 15-16, 2019. The Tech Summit is an initiative of the Indian government where more than 1,000 Indian companies, organizations and senior government representatives are present every year.

The Netherlands and India have had an innovation cooperation with each other for 10 years now, which is the reason why the Netherlands is the partner country for the 25th anniversary edition.

Like last year, ShelfCo participated in this Trade Mission and will focus on building bridges between India and the Netherlands. Particularly, to enable international entrepreneurship between the two countries. 

House of Companies has many years of experience in helping Indian companies to start their Dutch business and has build a grand network of important partners that can help their clients with complex issues. 


One of the important achievements of our trip will be the signing of a partnership with India’s largest online formation agent and legal service provider; Vakil Search. We will be signing our partnership during an official State Dinner, which will be accompanied by the Dutch Prime Minister, the King and the Queen and other government representatives

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Our Business Development Director, Berend Buningh, has written a blog on his travels, explaining what the trade mission was like.



By Berend Buningh

Business Development Director

"The trade mission was an amazing and fruitful experience, in which we were able to reach entrepreneurs, corporations and government agencies on a personal and constructive level.
The signing of the MoU with CEO Hrishikesh Datar and the inspirational meetings with our clients and Indian friends were personal highlights for me, and they emphasize the strong belief in personal contact that we have at INCO Business Group.
We are looking forward to many more business dealings in emerging India!"
- Berend Buningh, Business Development Director at INCO Business Group.

Day 1 | Time to fly

My journey started on Sunday, the 13th of November. I had booked a plane ticket from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to New Delhi India a couple of days prior to the event. Most of the people that checked in at the same desk were Dutch Entrepreneurs who were also heading to the same gate as me. The time difference of 3,5 hours, a late-night flight and sitting-up “sleeping” in a seat in Business Class, made it a long night with hardly any sleep (especially when you take into account that I’m a 6 foot 3 guy with very long legs, like most Dutch people). However, the flight seemed much shorter I since had a good time talking with my neighboring passengers and flight crew.


Day 2 | Kick-off

Once I arrived at New Delhi Airport, I was immediately confronted with the poor air quality in India. We had to stand in line for about two hours to get through the VISA check after which a bus drove us to the hotel. 


When I arrived at my hotel The Marriott, I was able to pick up my entrance badge for the Trade Mission and checked into the room. I had about 1,5 hours until the Intro session of the Technology Summit and decided to catch up on some much-needed sleep before going. The intro was well organised and interactive.


Something I noticed immediately was the incredible security measures and precautions the organization had taken for this event. Imagine thick armored gates, many metal detectors and armed guards in both the venue and hotels. Reason for this was that the Dutch King and Queen and accompanying ministers would also be present at the event, so it was logical to see such air-tight security.

At 3 o’clock we were accompanied by the Dutch Ministers that were present in India and this was also the time that the official photo shoot was held. 


All and all the first day was turbulent, very interesting and fun. I got to speak to a lot of interesting people and I even bumped into some old acquaintances today! 

Day 3 | MOU Signing and Diner

After a short night in the comfortable hotel room, I woke up extra early at 5:30 in the morning. I wanted to be the very first to arrive at the security checks so that I could make the most of my day. Like yesterday, the security was heavy and they topped it up a notch for the expected arrival of the Dutch Royal couple. 

Since I arrived early, I was able to walk along with the embassy staff and was seated among the dignitaries. 


The Dutch Royal Family held a speech together with Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. The official opening of the Trade Mission was truly beautiful. After the opening, I had to rush back to my hotel to start with the meetings I had planned with several leads and clients, including Seshadri who our founder, Dennis Vermeulen, had met at Schiphol last year. The meetings were very productive and resulted in concrete agreements and great relationships. 


Tonight was one of the highlights of this trip. We officially signed the MOU Partner Contract with our brand new Indian partner VakilSearch. During this dinner, 34 Dutch companies signed contracts with 34 Indian companies. The ceremony was eternalized by an official photo shoot. After which I celebrated the partnership with Hrishikesh (CEO of VakilSearch) and his wife Kavya over a nice dinner and drinks. 


Day 4 | Time to go

Today is all about using time as efficiently as possible, knowing that this is the last day of the trade mission and there is still so much to do!


I have met many clients and leads again today, which was great for relationship building and talking about their international goals and ambitions. Apart from that, I have also had meetings with the directors of CII.


After a long day, I packed my suitcase again, checked out at the hotel and started my journey back to the Netherlands!

See you next year Trade Mission India!

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